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What Passengers Say

From our Option 24/7 2016 bus week survey - here are "write in" comments which have helped inform us. Around 40% of respondents added comments and I'm sharing here the majority of those comments - I have only dropped those comments which refer to the survey itself, or concerned only specific services that don't touch on the Melksham area. Survey conditions allowed anonymous sharing; these are sorted alphabetically.

"A stable, reliable and punctual service is essential. " (2)

"Additional bus use - group of friends who go out for a meal, or to a show, and want to have a drink and not have to have a designated driver " (3)

"An integrated ticket scheme / oyster card for Somerset and Wiltshire would be nice " (4)

"As a person living alone I use the bus service every day to get out and see people and in that I am not alone as several people sometimes just take a bus journey to see people and have someone to talk to " (5)

"Bus fares different on different companies but same journey. Also in my opinion I do not agree to elderly haven free buse passes. They could even pay half fare. At which companies may not need to increase fares. Elderly are worse than youngsters when trying to get on the bus first. " (6)

"Buses and trains are better value for money than cars. We should provide public transport for all from taxes, this is the sustainable transport option. " (7)

"Buses need to be reliable. " (8)

"Buses need to meet commuters needs. Unfortunately due change of bus supplier / loss of council funding. Buses aren't a viable form of transport for commuters anymore. Loss of my bus services has had to make me seriously consider giving up my job. I am now forced to walk 1.5miles home or get a 13 pound taxi home due to the lack of no evening buses. " (9)

"Busses to **** are erratic. You either have to do your shopping in 45 minutes or about 3 hours. There is no in between. " (10)

"Cheaper prices, early morning Saturday bus, the first bus is at 8.30am on Saturdays, I start work at 7.30am so got to pay for a taxi. more evening services. " (11)

"Consider health and social services costs increases if the bus services are cut as part of any business case for cutting bus services e.g. Increased GP home visit volume, increased social services demand for people more isolated if bus services are cut etc. " (12)

"Engagement, improvement and understanding are the key to a successful community service, I will not hold my breath. " (13)

"For those using bus passes to pay a nominal sum i.e. possibly 1 pound to assist in expenses. " (14)

"I cycle most journeys, but realise that there may come a time when I may not be strong enough to do so. I do not own a car, and therefore want the bus service as back-up. I think subsidising a comprehensive bus network is a good use of my taxes, and the mark of a civilised society which takes sustainable travel seriously. " (15)

"I do wonder at times if then frequency of twenty mins apart could be say half an hour s from say 09.30 to 16.30 Hrs as I see buses with next to no passengers at times onboard. And I will say at times "yes no bus for an hour then three or more all at the same time, with today's communications at their best would it not be better to hold the other buses back at intervals to get the service back on schedule surly control is in contact with each bus? " (16)

"I feel it's really important for people living in villages to have some form of public transport available to them. " (17)

"I feel, and I am not alone in this, that the bus service is an essential service especially for people that live alone as it gives them the opportunity to get out and meet people. " (18)

"I never use the bus because it is expensive in relation to the inconvenience in terms of frequency and journey time when compared to a car. I would dearly like to use the bus to shop if nothing else. " (19)

"I rarely use buses, because they are very unreliable for timing. 20 minutes late one occasion from the bus stationing Bath. Makes planning a journey very difficult with long waiting hours in the cold or wet. If service was reliable and on time I would use it more. " (20)

"I think teens and students should be able to get a bus pass like elders " (21)

"I think the 24/7 option is brilliant - I just hope the powers that be listen to you! " (22)

"I use the bus morning and late afternoon/evening to travel to and from work I would like this service to continue due to parking restrictions at the hospital and the difficult journey times across town at peak times. " (23)

"I would like to say that bus transportation remains a vital part of small village communities and is used by all generations. It is important to keep the people who use these services in mind when making decisions that may affect anybody's journey. " (24)

"I would use the bus for school & work if the timetable worked for those. Currently it does not. " (25)

"If the bus were more convenient (and cheaper, though I personally have a bus pass), people would use it more. The reduction of the ** service to 2 -hourly has made it far less useful. Also, many bus pass holders might be prepared to pay something rather than nothing, which would improve financial viability. " (26)

"It is clear to me that the current bus routes are very important. I rarely travel to work on an empty bus - they are usually very busy. Moreover, many of the users are either elderly and/or school children and students which suggests that for these users the bus services are vital " (27)

"Later buses " (28)

"Local buses are very good at present i think for me " (29)

"Older residents may use it more than younger, but maybe that's because the current bus transport system doesn't work for youngsters. Buses need a better press. They need to be clean, pleasant and comfortable. The bus driver is more important than he or she realises - it's true that people buy people and a cheery happy bus driver makes for a far better journey and one more likely to be used. " (30)

"Oyster card for all uk buses ?it works well in London " (31)

"Please continue to provide good bus servives for the elderly, vunerable and otherwise not mobile. The abscence of a bus servive would not be the end of the world for me but it will be for many " (32)

"Questions should take it account what you would do if you had a better service " (33)

"Really fed up that Wilts Council could cut our lifeline to the hospital, to a social life etc. Fed up that I have no bus pass yet even though I am 63. " (34)

"Support and publish community bus timetables. " (35)

"The cost of public services in the countryside forces people into their cars rather than away from them. " (36)

"The current service is just to say adequate. Increased frequency, more destinations (preferably without changing) would be so good. " (37)

"The people I work with learn to access their local communities and services through use of public transport and/or walking. The types of service user vary from people with visual impairment, physical impairment, age related difficulties, moderate learning difficulties, mental health issues, stroke recovery, autism. Buses are proving vital to their independence and well-being. Incidentally Wiltshire Council stopped funding this service this year - a cut of 70,000 pounds. " (38)

"The people who ultimately make the decisions on this, should bear in mind that, leaving aside misfortune, they will eventually get old and may one day be unable to drive a car (failing eyesight to a Government ban on people over 75 (+ or -) which may have happened if we hadn't Brexited!) where they wish to be. Since the trains are pretty much non existent now, and insive, the bus may be their only option.....or perhaps they will be content to sit in and watch brain-numbing day-time TV every day for the rest of their very miserable lives! " (39)

"Travelling by bus I have got to know a lot of other people who travel regularly on the bus both old and young. For some travellers the people they meet on the bus are the only people they talk too all day and it helps them from feeling lonely. Currently we have an excellent bus service compared to some areas and it is valued. " (40)

"Use the money from city centre parking to subsidise the buses " (41)

"Very disappointed that the bus changed from one hour to two hours , I don't use the bus as much as I use to consequently don't go out as much as I use to ,so how it affects people older than myself & less mobile ,it must be terrible and isolating " (42)

"We do have a car, and we work from home, so we use the bus to "join the dots" to help us still have an active social life and go in different directions without the expense of a second full time car. " (43)

"Your approach I readily support. " (44)

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